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  Piece of Mind Firearms LLC.

Firearm sales by appointment only.
Please contact for an appointment.

Let me know what you are looking for.

I can usually get back to you within 24 hours.

S&W M&P Shield pistol 9mm -- $429 sold

S&W M&P Shield pistol 40 S&W -- $429 sold

FNH FNS 40C pistol 3 mags.  -- $499 sold

FNH FNS 9C pistol 3 mags. -- $499  sold

Keltec PMR-30 pistol black -- $499  sold

Keltec PMR-30 pistol tan-- $529 Sold more on order

Reserve one now


 Storm Lake Threaded barrels -- $199 to $239 some in stock 

For Sig, Springfield, S&W, 1911 and Glock pistols.


 Threaded barrel for Glock pistol - black oxide match grade -- $159 a few in stock

Threaded barrel for Glock pistol - stainless match grade-- $149

Thread protector- $20 a few in stock

XTR-12 Semi auto AR style 12 gauge shotgun  -- $949  sold

Sights and flash hider are not included

XTR-12 with flash hider--  $989   sold



 Lasermax Green laser guide rod laser for Glock pistols -- $399 can order

Kahr CM40 pistol .40S&W -- $399sold

Kahr CM9 pistol 9mm -- $399  sold

Kahr CW380 pistol .380 -- $369 in stock

Ruger 10/22 3 pack 10 round magazines -- $35 in stock

also fits Ruger American 22LR rifles

Coonan Classic .357 magnum pistol 1 magazine -- $1495

Coonan Black Duracoat .357 magnum 3 magazines, adj. sights -- $1795

Coonan Urban Digicamo .357 magnum 3 magazine, adj. sights -- $2249

some in stock now

Prices listed above are Minimum Advertised Prices.

$$ Contact me for best price. $$


Doubletap 45ACP 3" barrel -- $449 in stock


Ruger American 22LR Target (threaded barrel) -- $449 in stock

I have silencers in stock that would go well with this.


 Laserlyte laser for Ruger LCP, LC9, Keltec 380 or 32 pistols--- $89


 Viridian Reactor 5 Green Laser for Ruger LCP -- $189 Sold

 email me for current availability


Ruger LCP .380 Pistol black frame -- $319 sold

With Crimson Trace Laserguard laser -- $475


 Lasermax red laser for Glock GEN 4 pistols -- $289 can order Lasermax red laser for most Glock pistols -- $289 can order

Contact me and ask about getting a new green Lasermax laser.


 Protech HP190 pistol light w/ 190 lumens and strobe function-- $43 several in stock now


Protec RM400 quick mount 400 lumens rifle light w/ strobe function & laser -- $79 a few in stock  


 Quick Draw magnet, mount and keep gun or knife within reach -- $19


 Desantis Nemesis pocket holsters to fit : Ruger LCP, Taurus TCP, Keltec .380, Kahr CM9, PM MK 9&40 pistols, S&W Bodyguard .380, Glock 26 and 27, and several others -- $18 some in stock


Boresnake for 5.56/.223 AR-15 rifle -- $16 a few in stock


 SRM Tactical 12 gauge shotgun- 16 round semi-auto -- $2399 order now (SRM 1216 shotgun currently 7-10 business days delivery time)

$$Layaway available $$


 Keltec KSG 12 gauge pump shotgun (laser, flip up sights & forward handle extra) -- SALE $799  sold

**Contact me for one**


Rossi Circuit Judge .45LC/.410 revolver rifle/shotgun 18.5" barrel -- $525 email me to check current availability


 Taurus Judge Public Defender .410/.45 colt stainless -- $489 can order 


 Hornady Critical Defense .410 ammo -- $19 in stock


Federal 4 pellet 000 buck .410 handgun ammo 20/box -- $17 a few in stock


Winchester PDX1 .410 defense ammo 10/box -- $14.99 a few in stock

(see demo videos on youtube.com w/ Taurus Judge)


  Taurus 740 slim 40 S&W pistol -- $295 in stock


 Hipoint Carbine rifle 9mm - $349 sold (desert camo)

40S&W Black with Pro-pack (3 total mags & holder) - $369 in stock

45ACP-$389 can order


Ruger LCP II .380 Pistol black frame -- $300 in stock

Email me about laser options. Red and Green lasers available.


Black and FDE Walther P22 pistols

Walther P22Q 3.4" barrel 22LR pistol 10rd magazine -- $369 sold

With threaded adapter to install suppressor or muzzle brake -- $399 sold

Walther P22 10rd magazines -- $26 a few in stock

Walther P22Q w/ threaded adapter and Guardian 22 suppressor -- $579 sold

Ask about adding a different silencer to this purchase.

I can order more -- contact me to check availability


  Springfield XDS .40S&W pistol -- $479 in stock

Springfield XDS 9mm pistol -- $479 in stock

Free 50 rd box of ammo with either pistol

 Youth 22LR rifles

Crickett 22LR single shot youth rifle, black synthetic, blued -- $135in stock

Savage Rascal 22LR single shot youth rifle, black synthetic -- $179 in stock

I may be able to get you other colors.


US Arms Zip 22LR uses 10/22 mags(no mag included) -- $219 one in stock Zip 22LR with Ruger 10 round 10/22 mag -- $239 in stock


 Taurus PT92SS 9mm w/ two 17 round mags -- $449  sold  


 UTS 15 pump action 12 Gauge 18.5" barrel- 15 round- $1149 Sale $1069 sold

UTS 15 w/ choke tube/muzzle brake- 15 round- $1199 Sale $1100 sold

UTS 15 w/ Sights and choke tube/muzzle brake -- $1299 Sale $1200 sold

I can order one for you and have it in about 2 weeks.

$$ Layaway available $$


 Mossberg 590 Shockwave 12 gauge  -- $429 one in stock 


FNH fiveSeven pistol 5.7x28 caliber, 20 round mag -- $1275 one in stock now

I have a few boxes of 5.7x28 ammo in stock also


Kel-tec PF9 9mm pistol- Black-- $279   in stock


Walther PPS .40 S&W  -- $475  sold


 Glock 42 .380 pistol 6rd mags --$429 some in stock

Made in America

Glock 43 9mm 6rd mags -- $479  some in stock


 Steyr C9-A1 pistol 9mm -- $519 in stock


 SCCY CPX2 9mmwith two 10 round mags-- $275  in stock


Taurus Judge 2" barrel, polymer frame .410/.45LC-- $439 in stock


 Keltec PLR-16 5.56/.223 pistol with 10 round mag-- $549 sold

Keltec PLR-16 5.56/.223 pistol with 100rd double drum -- $819 sold



**Instructions to install AR parts kit click here.**

Aero Precision lower parts kit -- $59 in stock

DPMS lower parts kit -- $65 in stock

RRA lower parts kit -- $69 in stock

Spikes Tactical lower parts kit -- $72 in stock

RRA Enhanced 2 stage trigger parts kits -- $145 in stock

Spikes Enhanced 2 stage trigger parts kits -- $169 sold


 Rock River Arms lower AR complete receiver w/6 position stock --Contact for pricein stock

Rock River Arms R4 tactical complete 5.56 upper -- Contact for price in stock

Buy both --Contact for price


 Spikes Tactical complete lower w/ CTR stock, MOE grip -- AR Rifles page for priceon order


 Spikes Tactical complete AR lower w/ M4 stock -- AR Riflespage for price 

in stock


Black Dawn Stripped Lower AR receiver --  sold
Rock River Arms stripped lower AR receiver --  in stock
Spikes Tactical (Spider, Punisher, Calico Jack) stripped lowers --  in stock 
Spikes Tactical Punisher stripped lower w/ color fill --  sold
Spikes Tactical Calico Jack stripped lower w/ color fill --   sold

Aero Precision stripped lowers -- sold

See AR page for prices.


 Tac-con 3MR AR drop in trigger --  Sale $449 in stock

100% Legal and ATF approved

Get yours ASAP before I sell them all.


Surefire 60 round AR-15 5.56/.223 magazine -- $139

Surefire 100 round AR-15 5.56/.223 magazine --$179

Not currently in stock.

Contact me to check if available for order from suppliers.


 Magpul 30 round AR-15 .223 magazines (black or dark earth) --   in stock

Magpul 30 round AR-15 .223 windowed magazines --   in stock

Magpul AR-15 60 round drum magazine --  in stock

ProMag 30 round AR-15 5.56 mags --  a few in stock

Promag 42 round AR-15 5.56 mags -- a few in stock

Hexmag 30 round AR-15 5.56 mags -- in stock

See AR rifle page for prices


 Gun Safe LED light for quick discreet night access -- SALE $15   in stock


 Gemtech 22LR subsonic ammo 100 rounds- $14

Armscor 22LR 100 rounds -- $12

CCI standard 22LR 100 rounds -- $13

Federal American eagle 100 rounds-- $14

Some in stock


 Federal American Eagle 5.56/.223 55gr FMJ 20rds-- some in stock 

Federal American Eagle 223 tipped ammo 20 rounds --  in stock

Winchester 5.56 ammo 20 rounds --  in stock

Federal 5.56 Tracer ammo 20 rounds -- in stock

Hornady 9mm, .380, .40 S&W or .45 ACP Critical Defense HP ammo -- $20 some in stock 


 Hornady .40 S&W TAP personal defense 20 rounds -- $20 some in stock

3,000,000 volt stun gun -- $20 in stock 7,500,000 volt stun gun -- $30 in stock

Tannerite 1/2 lb Exploding Rifle Targets Single -- $9 in stock

Tannerite 1/2 lb Exploding Rifle Targets 4/pk -- $22 in stock

Tannerite 1/2 lb Exploding Rifle Targets 6/pk -- $29 more on order


Tannerite 22LR exploding targets 8/pk -- $28 a few in stock

Piece of Mind Firearms shirts (M,L,XL available)-- $11

Pink(M, L or XL women's shirt), Red or Dark Heather  

In Stock Items

This is a list of some of our in stock items.

Track updates and news on my Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/PieceOfMindFirearms/

 Let me know if there are items that I don't have listed yet that you are interested in.

I have some AR-15 rifles, AR stripped receivers, as well as ammo, in stock.

I am a FNH Law Enforcement firearms dealer in the Wheeling WV area. Contact me for FNH LE prices.

Contact me ASAP to inquire about or order the firearm of your choice.
$$Layaway available for many firearms $$

I will include an extra 30 round or 42 round polymer AR magazine with each AR-15 purchased while I have the Promag polymer mags in stock.