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Silencerco Spectre II 22LR silencer -- $399 sold

Silencerco Warlock II 22LR silencer -- $299 in stock

OSS IFM6 (5.56) Helix baffleless silencer -- $1249 in stock

OSS IFM6 (7.62/.300) Helix baffleless silencer -- $1299 on order

OSS IFM7 (7.62/.300) Helix baffleless silencer -- $1349 on order

Click picture for more info

Contact me to inquire about other models

Silencerco Saker 7.62 w/ MAAD mount -- $1389 in stock

Silencerco Harvester .300 w/ direct thread mount -- $749 in stock

Firearm sales by appointment only.
Please contact for an appointment.
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Ruger 10/22 takedown integral silencer barrel -- $599 in stock

Fits Ruger 10/22 takedown rifle or Charger pistol

Gemtech GM-9 -- $609

Gemtech GM-45 -- $609  On order

Gemtech One 7.62 QD & thread adapter -- $995

In stock now

Up to .300 Win mag

Freedom Armory Minuteman TI 22LR suppressor -- $599 in stock

Click here for Freedom Armory's website.

Spikes Tactical/Piece of Mind Firearms 11.5" SBR AR 5.56/.223 rifle -- Can order you all the needed parts


Freedom Armory Grenadier 45ACP suppressor one 45ACP piston included - $899 in stock 

Additional pistons to fit 9mm, .40S&W, 45ACP and others - $89

Click here for Freedom Armory's website.


 Let me know if you need a new threaded barrel for your pistol. I can get you a price or tell you where to order one. In some cases I may be able to sell you a threaded barrel cheaper or easier than you can do yourself.

Threaded barrel for Glock pistol - black oxide match grade -- $159 a few in stock

Threaded barrel for Glock pistol - stainless match grade-- $149

Thread protector- $20 a few in stock


AAC Cyclops 50 BMG -- $2449


 AAC Titan Ti 338 Lapua Magnum -- $1639

AAC Titan QD 338 Lapua Magnum -- $1939


 AAC Mini 4 -- $879

AAC Mini 7 --  AAC has not released yet


AAC Ti-Rant 9/45 -- $845


 AAC 22LR Pilot 2 -- $340


 AAC Ranger 3 thread on 5.56- $539


 Griffin Armament M4SDK 5.56 -- $859


 Griffin Armament M4SDII 5.56 -- $899  in stock


Griffin Armament Sportsman .300 Win Mag (taper mount)-- $789 in stock

Griffin Armament Sportsman .300 Win Mag (direct thread)-- $739


 Griffin Armament Recce 5 (5.56)-- $775 Griffin Armament Recce 7 (7.62) -- $869


Griffin Armament Checkmate QD 22LR w/ tool -- $379 Griffin Armament Checkmate thread-on 22LR -- $365


Griffin Armament PHS 338 Lapua Magnum -- $1139

Griffin Armament Precision Hunter PHS 5.56 -- $749 in stock 


Liberty Freedom .308 -- $819

Liberty Freedom MAG 300Win Mag. -- $919


 Liberty Constitution 5.7mm -- $539

For use with 5.56/.223


 Liberty Patriot 40 S&W -- $689 in stock


 Liberty Triumph 5.56 thread on -- $789


 Bowers group Paradigm 22LR -- $389 sold

I will include a free 50rd box of Gemtech subsonic 22LR with any brand 22LR firearms suppressor purchased.

----While supplies last------


 Bowers Group Vers 50 -- $719 Bowers Group Vers 9mm -- $530 Bowers Group Vers 9mm with UZI insert -- $639

Bowers Group CAC 9mm -- $430

Bowers Group CAC 45 -- $485


 Liberty Mystic 9mm -- $739

Can also be used with 22LR, .223, 300BLK, 6.8 and more.


Tactical Solution Cascade 22LR -- $289 


Tactical Solutions Axiom 22LR -- $419


Silencerco Octane 45 w/ piston (9mm, 40S&W, or 45ACP) -- SALE $739 sold

Additional caliber pistons-- $65


Silencerco Osprey with your choice(9mm, .40 S&W, or 45ACP piston)-- SALE $749 sold

Additional caliber pistons-- $65


Silencerco Salvo 12 gauge shotgun silencer-- SALE $1000 only one in stock 

Adapters(Remington, Browning, Beneli, Mossberg, KSG) - $120 each

price reduced -contact me ASAP


Huntertown Kestrel 9mm -- $539


 Huntertown Kestrel 556 -- $489 sale pending

Huntertown Kestrel 7.62AK -- $489 sale pending

Huntertown Kestral .308/7.62 -- $549 sold


Huntertown B 22 -- $219 in stock

**Can be used as a dry or wet silencer**

I will include a free 50rd box of Gemtech subsonic 22LR with any brand 22LR firearms suppressor purchased.

----While supplies last------  


  Huntertown Guardian micro 22 -- $199 Huntertown Guardian micro 22 SS -- $269


 Huntertown Guardian 22 -- $199  some in stock

Huntertown Guardian 22 SS -- $269

I will include a free 50rd box of Gemtech subsonic 22LR with any brand 22LR firearms suppressor purchased.

----While supplies last------


 Black Rain Ordnance Aris 223 -- $579


 Black Rain Ordnance M30A 308 -- $679


 Black Rain Ordnance Universal 17/22 -- $379 Sold


Kriss Defiance 45ACP -- $789


YHM Mite .22 -- $299 


 YHM Phantom QD 5.56 -- $619 Sold

YHM Phantom QD .338LM -- $799


 Gemtech Tundra 9mm -- SALE $729 in stock

Free box of 9mm subsonic ammo with this silencer. 

-- While supplies last--


 Gemtech GMT-300BLK 300 blackout -- $989


 Gemtech Raptor II or Raptor 40 suppressor -- $685


 Gemtech Alpine 22LR -- SALE $399 sold

Gemtech GM22 -- $389 in stock

I will include a free 50rd box of Gemtech subsonic 22LR with any brand 22LR firearms suppressor purchased.

----While supplies last------


 Gemtech Mossad II 9mm UZI suppressor -- $685


 Gemtech Trek 5.56 thread on -- $545 

Gemtech Trek-T 5.56 titanium thread on -- $969


 Gemtech 5.56 Jake Brake Quickmount -- $145 in stock Gemtech 7.62 Jake Brake Quickmount -- $145 in stock

Mounts are required for Gemtech Quicksand, HVT, G5, the One and several other Gemtech suppressors.


Gemtech GMT-Halo 5.56 QD -- $945

 Gemtech Halo 5.56 QD -- $745  sold


 Gemtech 7.62mm and lesser Quicksand -- $1279 Several sold - can order you one


 Gemtech G5 5.56 QD-- $869 sold

Gemtech G5-T 5.56 titanium QD-- $1269

Gemtech Shield 5.56 QD titanium-- $975 in stock


 Let me know what your SBR interest is and I will get you a price.


 Spikes Tactical Compressor (5.56 or 300AAC) SBR with suppressor -- $2899 can special order for you

**Compressor requires two tax stamps (SBR and suppressor)**


 Kriss vector .45ACP SBR -- $1999


DPMS A3 11.5" barrel Carbine SBR -- $1199

DPMS A2 11.5" barrel Carbine SBR -- $999


 DPMS Kittty kat 7" barrel rifle -- $1129


 Vector MP5 9mm SBR -- $2449 contact for info


Vector VKE-53 5.56 SBR -- $2949 contact for info


  Vector Mini UZI SBR 9mm -- $1549 can order


Vector UZI 9mm or 45ACP SBR -- $1239 can order

New Spikes Tactical AR 5.56mm 11.5" w/ M4 handguards pistol/SBR upper --$579  sold
If used for a SBR --NFA rules apply

Add a NcStar quadrail handguard to this upper for $49

DPMS, RRA and Spikes Tactical stripped lowers and lower parts kits- few in stock & more on order.

Contact me to reserve or inquire about what SBRs I have on order or with any questions.

Already have a AR lower? Register it to make your SBR.
Ask me how.

 ****Sound Suppressors****
AKA Silencers

Here is a list of some sound suppressor brands I offer:

Gemtech, Surefire, YTM, Bowers, Spikes Tactical, Huntertown, Tactical Solutions, Griffin Armament, Silencerco, Liberty, Black Rain and many more. 

Click for Suppressor retail price list.

Click here for sound testing and reviews of silencers.

**I will special order any suppressor for you that I don't have currently in stock.  Email me at pomfirearms@hotmail.com for more info and availability.**

How to purchase a sound suppressor from me- click here

How to purchase from an out of state dealer and have me handle the transfer to you -- click here

**In stock means I have it in my safe-- you don't have to wait for me to order it in to start your Form #4.**

I can order a suppressor for you if I don't currently have one in stock.

Let me know if I can help you with any questions you may have.  Click the silencer pictures below for more information.

email me at:  sales@pomfirearms.com

****Short Barreled Rifles (SBR)****


Class 3 / NFA items

I am always adding to this page as I add items to my inventory and price lists for Sound suppressors, short barreled rifles, and other NFA classified firearms and items.  Let me know your interest so I can check prices and availability for you.

We are the dealer providing desirable FFL/SOT class 3 services to the Wheeling WV area.

Contact me today with questions or inquires. Email me at pomfirearms@hotmail.com

Yes these items are legal and only require a little more paperwork and a $200 one time tax per item to the BATF with submission of Form #4 paperwork.

Effective July 13, 2016 the ATF has federally removed the need for you to get a local CLEO to sign your NFA tax stamp forms.
(you must now provide your local CLEO with a copy of your completed Form #4)

If you need a NFA Gun Trust click here.

Benefits of using a Gun Trust  click here.

Once you get your NFA Trust set up all future NFA purchases can be added to your existing NFA Trust's inventory.  It only costs you to set up your NFA Trust once. 

  Due to ATF changes effective July 13th 2016 I doubt eForms will be able to be used for submitting your Form 4 electronically to the ATF's NFA branch now or in the future.  Fingerprint cards are now required with all Trust and Individual's Form #4.

Contact me via email for more information.  I will do my best to answer your questions.

I do not charge additional fees to help you complete and send in Form #4 paperwork to ATF on a suppressor, SBR or other NFA items purchased from me.

  WV sales tax of 6% will be added to all prices listed below.

Note:  Any machine gun with it's serial number not in the civilian machine gun registry May 19, 1986 or before is not civilian legal.

**They are for Law enforcement and military only.**