Piece of Mind Firearms LLC.
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Firearms Dealer and NRA Certified Pistol Training

Piece of Mind Firearms LLC. is a home based firearms business located near Wheeling in Triadelphia, West Virginia about 3 miles from Cabelas and the Highlands shopping area.  We provide NRA certified pistol training for a WV concealed carry permit in addition to sales of firearms, ammo, lasers, knives, scopes and mounts, and also other accessories for sale to suit your needs. 

Class3/ NFA items-  Sound suppressors * AKA- Silencers *, short barreled rifles and more are legal and I can order what you want if I don't have it in stock already.   More info on the Class 3/NFA page of this site.

We sell hunting rifles, AR-15, AK-47, shotguns and target pistols as well as personal protection handguns. Give us a call or email to discuss your firearms needs.  Our focus is on your security, personal protection, recreation needs and of course your 2nd amendment right.

Check my prices and manufacturer pages to see some of what I offer for sale.  Then let me know what you are interested in.  If I don't have an item in stock I can usually get it quickly.

Federal Law: If you are not a WV resident= any firearm purchases other than a shotgun or rifle would require a transfer to another FFL Dealer that is located in your home state.

Now Accepting Major Credit Cards

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Up to 3% cost may be added to credit card payments on some firearms and other items. 

I am looking to reduce or eliminate this cost soon to save you money.

Jason Marshall -Owner

FFL/SOT class 3 & NRA Certified Pistol Instructor

Triadelphia WV 26059

Phone # : 304-547-0407

Email me at:   jason@pomfirearms.com  

Track current specials and sales on my Facebook page:

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DPMS AP4 5.56mm w/ laser, light, quad rail, scope $1,350

Gun Control defined on females shirt


Gun free zone sign stops criminals???



    Neighbor is anti-gun and I will not help protect him with my guns.

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